Congratulations to the Crestview Rebels for winning the MVAC championship this year.  The most valuable players goes to Nick Novak of Crestview.  Coach of the year honors goes to Riley Mackall of Crestview.  Complete all-stars are listed below.


First Name Last Name School Grade Pos
1st Team Preston Lefkowitz Champion
1st Team Xavier Newell Champion
1st Team Nick Novak Crestview Senior
1st Team Nick Jaskola Crestview Senior
1st Team Will Welch Crestview Junior
1st Team Ethan Bittence Garfield Junior
1st Team Ben Moore Jackson-Milton Junior Goalie
1st Team Joshua Biery LaBrae Sophmore Forward
1st Team Audri Gaydosh Mineral Ridge Senior
1st Team Jacob Sipka Newton Falls Senior Center Mid
1st Team Mac Haidet Newton Falls Senior Goalie
1st Team Maxx Newkirk Waterloo Senior
2nd Team Matt Russell Champion
2nd Team Dante Dueley Champion
2nd Team Quinn Bulick Crestview Sophomore
2nd Team Andrew Bucey Crestview Junior
2nd Team Aaron Gissinger Garfield Junior
2nd Team Brody Justice Garfield Sophmore
2nd Team Riley Russo Brookfield Sophmore Defense/Striker
2nd Team Alex Rotuna Jackson-Milton Junior
2nd Team Anthony Machingo LaBrae Senior Midfield
2nd Team Humberto Limberg Memorial Sophmore
2nd Team Nate Colburn Mineral Ridge Senior
2nd Team Alexander Stinson Newton Falls Junior Center Back
2nd Team Zachary Stinson Newton Falls Junior Center Mid
2nd Team Gabriel Jones Waterloo Senior
HM David Masirovits Brookfield Junior
HM Zach Newton Champion
HM Braedon Stallworth Crestiew Senior
HM Preston Gedeon Garfield Sophmore
HM Nathan Corll Jackson-Milton Junior
HM Kira Thorton LaBrae Senior Defense
HM Marshall Sargent Memorial Sophmore
HM Elias Clarke Mineral Ridge Senior
HM Cameron Hunt Newton Falls Senior Right Mid
HM Isaac Biltz Waterloo Junior
HM Aidan Baumeier Liberty Junior
HM Ahmed Ahmed Liberty Sophmore