Congratulations to those who earned the MVAC golf All-Stars.  League MVP’s are Caleb Domitrovich of McDonald and Ken Williams of Champion.  Coach of the year honors are Matthew Flanagan of Waterloo and Seth Howard of Newton Falls.  Complete list of All-Stars are listed below.


MVAC Champion:
MVAC Coach of the Year:
Matthew Flanagan – Waterloo
MVAC Player of the Year:
Caleb Domitrovich – MCDonald
First Name Last Name School Grade
1st Team Caleb Domitrovich McDonald Senior
1st Team Christopher Ragazzine McDonald Freshman
1st Team Trey Rigley Mineral Ridge Junior
1st Team Trevor Simons Waterloo Sophmore
1st Team Jackson Ensley Springfield Freshman
2nd Team Avery Maley McDonald Junior
2nd Team Jackson Eichler Waterloo Junior
2nd Team Noah Huges Waterloo Senior
2nd Team Hunter Schertzer Jackson-Milton Sophmore
2nd Team Ryen Romigh Jackson-Milton Sophmore
2nd Team Josh Stock McDonald Freshman
2nd Team A.J. Sandy Mineral Ridge Sophmore
2nd Team Aaren Romigh Jackson-Milton Senior
2nd Team Cayden Barker Sebring Senior
2nd Team Michael Moyer Sebring Sophmore
2nd Team John Brungard Springfield Junior
2nd Team Clayton Smith Waterloo Sophmore
2nd Team Dylan Okular Lowellville Senior
HM Josh Stock McDonald Freshman
HM A. J. Sandy Mineral Ridge Sophmore
HM Aaren Romigh Jackson-Milton Senior
HM Cayden Barker Sebring Sophmore
HM Michael Moyer Sebring Sophmore
HM John Brungard Springfield Junior
HM Clayton Smith Waterloo Sophmore
HM Dylan Okular Lowellville Senior


MVAC Champion:
Newton Falls
MVAC Coach of the Year:
Seth Howard – Newton Falls
MVAC Player of the Year:
Ken Williams – Champion
First Name Last Name School Grade
1st Team Danny Ensinger Garfield Senior
1st Team Braydon DeMaria Brookfield Sophmore
1st Team Ken Williams Champion Senior
1st Team Austin Rowe LaBrae Freshman
1st Team Cameron Huff Newton Falls Sophmore
2nd Team Landen Gedeon Garfield Junior
2nd Team Dillan Paul Garfield Sophmore
2nd Team Hunter Warrender Brookfield Sophmore
2nd Team Brady Hiner Brookfield Sophmore
2nd Team Cameron Hunt Newton Falls Senior
2nd Team Evan Bates Liberty Sophmore
HM Liam Mielcarek Garfield Senior
HM Brayden Coleman Brookfield Freshman
HM Brandon Evans Brookfield Freshman
HM Buddy Wilson Champion Sophmore
HM Christain Haught LaBrae Junior
HM Ethan Ancell LaBrae Senior
HM Wyatt Davis Newton Falls Senior
HM Johnny Kendall Newton Falls Junior
HM William Wood Liberty Sophmore
HM Dominic Nohra Liberty Junior
HM Luke Requardt Crestview Junior
HM Brody Brubaker Crestview Freshman